External Evaluation: Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) in Start Fund Processes and Start Fund Projects

In June 2023 the Start Fund commissioned an annual external evaluation to examine accountability to affected populations (AAP) in Start Fund projects and processes. The evaluation aimed to assess the extent to which accountability principles and good practices can be incorporated into all stages of the Start Fund alert cycle, specifically considering challenges of the short timeframes of 72 hours between alert raising and project selection and 45 to 60 days for project implementation. In addition, the evaluation tested the assumption that locally-led humanitarian action is more accountable to affected people.

The evaluation, conducted by Tsunagu B.V., recommends that the Start Fund examine how it can improve its operations to better integrate AAP principles, including how project duration and funding limitations impact AAP commitments. It suggests moving away from focusing on the type of organisation to look at other indicators of accountability, and to promote a culture of learning balanced with compliance.