Save the Children Humanitarian Capacity Building - Annual overview

The Save the Children Humanitarian Capacity Building (HCB) team has produced an annual overview providing evidence from a range of learning programmes.

The HCB team contributes to building humanitarian capacity and capability by providing humanitarian learning programmes to Save the Children and the wider humanitarian sector.

“In 2015 the Humanitarian Capacity Building Team developed their theory of change which attempted to map the process of change and likely impact of our learning programmes. So when we decided to write our first annual overview we decided to try to capture both qualitative and quantitative date in line with that Theory of Change. We still need to work at capturing data on the final part of our Theory of Change, namely the ‘Improved reach and quality of service delivery’. However, we were able to provide a snapshot of our activities in a more cohesive way.” Heather Drury, Head of Humanitarian Capacity Building at Save the Children.