Start Fund Report 2015

This report, for donors, Network Members and all Start Fund stakeholders, provides evidence on the performance of the Start Fund, and reflections on the challenges we have collectively faced over the last year.

The Start Fund enables lives to be saved, suffering alleviated and dignity protected when disasters occur in the most vulnerable places across the globe. For the Start Fund to achieve this goal - and to systematically evidence this over time - the longer-term outcomes resulting from Fund allocations are arranged in three levels: system,crisis and project.

  • System Level:The humanitarian system is well equipped to respond to emergencies with a resilient humanitarian financing architecture.
  • Crisis Level: Intervention in each crisis context has a discernible and positive influence on the evolution of that crisis.
  • Project Level: The most appropriate and best-place projects meet the needs of disaster affected people and involve them in humanitarian relief efforts.

This report is arranged in three parts. PART i introduces the members, process and brand. PART ii explores the performance of the last year through the three interconnected outcomes in which the Start Fund operates. PART iii focuses on the learning from the last five months, during which the Start Fund scaled-up after its nine-month ‘design andbuild’ phase.

This report highlights the common challenges in the Network and broader humanitarian community to build on the experience of the first year and improve the Fund’s ability to save lives.  We hope that this will evidence how far the Start Fundhas come in just one year and provide a vision of the humanitarian system we hopeto create in the future.