The Start Fund monthly risk briefing reports on new, emerging or deteriorating situations; therefore, ongoing events that are considered to be unchanged are not featured and risks that are beyond the scope and scale of the Start Fund are also not featured. It is collated by the Start Network Anticipation and Risk Financing team using information from academia and research institutes, government departments, ACAPS, global risk indexes, risk information provided by Start Members and their partners, and the media. Key risks are shared and collated each month with FOREWARN input.

The April 2024 Start Fund Risk Brief features:

-  Conflict and displacement in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique following the withdrawl of SADC Mission and scheduled elections. 

- Escalating tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan following a series of clashes earlier this year.

- Extreme heat emergency across Southeast Asia. 

- Risk of flooding and disease outbreak in both Afghanistan and Pakistan following extreme heavy rainfall this month. 

-  Electoral tensions in Chad and Venezuela.