Ukraine Local Pooled Fund Overview

This guidance document for the Ukraine Local Pooled Fund is a result of a co-design workshop that took place from the 17th to the 22nd of January, with 70 participants representing diverse local and national NGOs from across Ukraine. Over the course of the workshop sessions, participants identified priorities for humanitarian action, and designed processes for fund disbursement. A focus group discussion on 26th January, consisting of 10 participants out of those who had attended the workshop, validated recommendations from the workshop and enabled the completion of the design of the fund. This document outlines the outcome of these discussions, of which significant outcome is the recommendation that the fund is disbursed through two parallel mechanisms:

a. Rapid response mechanism: Funding is disbursed rapidly after, or in anticipation of, an emergency event, to finance 30-day responses.

b. Regular fund disbursements: Funds are released each month at set times, to finance proposals submitted during 14-day windows. These funds will finance 90-day projects addressing ongoing humanitarian need, in recognition of the protracted nature of crisis across Ukraine.

The fund will demonstrate full real-time transparency in its decision-making. Notifications of activations and a minutes of decision-making meetings will be communicated with all relevant stakeholders (organisations eligible to access the fund, donor organisations, interested partner organisations) via email in addition to informal coordination channels.

A handbook will be published in due course, which will provide further details on access to the fund, including proposal templates, reporting requirements, and allowed and disallowed costs.