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Sri Lanka Alert 282

Anticipation of flooding in a climate change hotspot

  • by Kathryn Morrison
  • 20 Feb 20

Photo credit: Oxfam

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The Start Fund alerts responding to climate-related disasters are increasing year-on-year. Start Network’s anticipatory action provides NGOs with the coordination and funding to better respond to crises that are undoubtedly associated with climate change. An anticipatory response to predicted flooding in Sri Lanka was initiated in the second half of 2018 through Alert 282. It is 1 of 9 flood-related alerts that have been raised in this country in the past four years to the Start Fund.

Sri Lanka has been described as a ‘climate hotspot’ by the World Bank, as negative impacts from changes in their average climate are projected to be some of the most severe in South Asia. The country is seen as particularly vulnerable to extreme events due to poorer infrastructure, large numbers of displaced people and a population that is heavily reliant on the agriculture sector. 

Alert 282
Sri Lanka: Anticipation of flooding in a climate change hotspot




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  • by Kathryn Morrison