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The Start Fund 2014 Global Report

Date added

02 February 2015


This report, written for Donors, Members and stakeholders, provides evidence and analysis of the Start Fund performance over 2014.

The Start Fund 2014 Global Report

The Start Fund – a collaboration to create a multi-donor pooled fund for global humanitarian action – has beenunder development since 2007.  Under the “Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies” name, the ideawas tested with DFID funding from 2010-2012.  The prototype Fund design was refined from 2012-2014, whilenew business models were explored. The launch of the Start Fund on 01 April 2014 was a milestone in theinternational community’s efforts to adapt the international humanitarian system to a rapidly changing world.

The Start Fund will complement and reinforce the international financial architecture for humanitarian actionby focussing on the first stages of small and medium-scale crises.   As much as half of all human suffering inhumanitarian crises may occur in small-scale events that are not currently served by the international system. Over the coming years, people affected by these crises will be supported by a decentralised, diverse andcollaborative ecosystem of civil society organisations with the means to respond efficiently and appropriately.The Start Fund will be a legacy contribution that will enable a more resilient system.

The Start Fund 2014 Global Report