A society wide approach

The humanitarian capacity gap is widening. The humanitarian challenges we face are greater than any one organisation, or even the sector alone, can overcome. Start Engage works with all parts of society to tackle the increasing scale of humanitarian crises.

How Start Engage Works

Transforming humanitarian action

Individuals, organisations and systems

Start Engage aims to transform humanitarian action by investing in people, organisations and systems. We support humanitarian actors in financing, decision-making, planning and action and create connections for them with a wide range of stakeholders.

A new approach to capacity building

Capacity doesn’t just reside in people, but also in organisations, systems, information and relationships. Start Engage works to strengthen existing capacity but also seeks to bring new capacities to the sector around humanitarian resourcing, leadership and decision-making.

Preparing communities for disasters

Improving the quality and speed of humanitarian response in countries at risk of disasters takes collaboration and preparation. Start Engage strengthens organisations, systems and partnerships in the places closest to where disasters happen.

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Our programmes

GroundTruth Solutions

The Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme works to develop effective humanitarian response where it is needed most. This ground breaking programme, one of the largest investments of its kind, is funded by UK Aid and managed collaboratively by the CDAC and Start Networks, leveraging the expertise of more than 50 member organisations.

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Humanitarian surge training Bangkok 2016 © ActionAid

In the past, investing in innovation in the humanitarian sector was rare. The Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP) Innovation Labs aims to change that by identifying and funding innovative solutions to disaster preparedness through a network of labs based around the world in countries prone to disaster. The DEPP Innovation Labs is a two-year £10 million programme, funded by UK Aid.

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