Improved Early Warning Early Action – Ethiopia

When disasters strike, it is the people closest to the crisis who respond first, members of the local community. But in most cases, we can reduce the effect of a crisis and the suffering that comes from it if we act before it strikes.

Photo credit: Oxfam - Pastoralist men in the village of Aynanshahadig

About the project

In Ethiopia, where regular flooding and severe droughts happen regularly, early warning systems and early action in response can reduce devastation and save lives.

This project will create a decentralised early warning system and promote early actions for crisis response. It aims to improve emergency preparedness, timeliness, and the quality of risk information in Ethiopia, protecting lives and livelihoods and ensuring human dignity.

The project will demonstrate an area and context-specific, multi-hazard and multi-sector focus. It will promote information based decision making, and it’s decentralised approach will focus on improving and co-ordinating response actions by community, government (local to federal) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

This project aims to:

- Enable early actions after crises, based on an early warning system that links with Woreda (or district) disaster risk profiles and contingency plans
- Improve the capacity of first responders (local government & community institutions) to collect and analyse forecasting information
- Improve the coordination and timely decision making at national and regional level to facilitate and initiate early actions by relevant stakeholders
- Document knowledge on the development and testing of the early warning system, and share this knowledge to inform future programming and actions.

Who is involved?

The project is delivered through a consortium led by Oxfam and including the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) and Christian Aid.

Where is the project taking place?

The project will take place in Ethiopia over six Woredas (districts) that are located in three regional states. These geographical locations are:
- Oromia region: Moyale Woreda and Ziway Diguda Woreda
- Gambella region: Gambella Zuria Woreda and Gog Woreda
- Tigray region: Alamata and Endehmoni Woreda.

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