FOREWARN Bangladesh

FOREWARN Bangladesh connects with multidisciplinary experts and humanitarian organisations to address critical challenges such as disaster risk, forecasting, and crisis anticipation in order to achieve more prompt, dependable, and effective aid to vulnerable people. 


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The national FOREWARN platform was launched in Bangladesh on the 4th of November, 2019 with the aim to localise the global model of FOREWARN to a national level due to the need felt by Start Fund Bangladesh and Start Network.


FOREWARN Bangladesh aims to bring together academics, sectoral experts, and forecasting information providers, with humanitarians and community representatives. It seeks to better link and align the way that these multi-disciplinary experts and humanitarian communities look at critical issues of disaster risk, forecast, and crisis anticipation in order to provide more timely, effective, and appropriate support to communities at-risk before a disaster strikes. FOREWARN Bangladesh provides vital insight and practical recommendations to the Anticipation work of Start Fund Bangladesh.



Our Work


Analysis and Projects



National Experts Pool


Ongoing Research Interest by FOREWARN Bangladesh

Analysing risks for each hazard

Setting triggers

Monitoring hazard and risks 

Developing operational early action plans


Who to contact

We have a growing community of disaster risk professionals along with our Start Fund Bangladesh members community of more than 47 local and international NGOs.

Anyone interested working on above hazards, risk analysis, anticipation action, disaster risk financing and early action initiative can join with our groups by filling up the following application form.

If you would like to join please contact us: