Community-Led Innovation Partnership Program Evaluation

The Community-Led Innovation Partnership (CLIP) program supports the creation, scaling, or adoption of locally-driven solutions identified and designed by people affected by crises and is actively pushing to realize humanitarian responses that meet existing humanitarian needs in a dignified, sustainable, efficient, and effective way.

The programme is  a partnership involving like minded humanitarian innovation actors around the world who share a vision of supporting community-led innovation. These are: Elrha, Start Network, Asia Disaster Reduction and Response Network (supported by their Tokyo Innovation Hub), Yakkum Emergency Unit (Indonesia), the Center for Disaster Preparedness (the Philippines), Start Network Hub in Guatemala, hosted by Asociación de Servicios Comunitarios de Salud (ASECSA).

In April 2023, the first phase of the CLIP officially came to an end and — with the support of Catalystas Consulting who have carried out an external evaluation — the programme partners have now taken some time to pause, look back, and reflect on the past three years.