Localisation of Aid: Are INGOs Walking The Talk?

A new publication from the Shifting the Power project looks at whether and how INGOs following their own rhetoric of localising humanitarian aid.

The debate on localisation of humanitarian action has gained momentum in the past two years, following the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), yet its implementation is at an early stage. Many WHS participants debated whether the aid system was broken, the necessity for transformation, improved effectiveness, and the consistent increase in humanitarian needs.
The vision and journey of localisation has been repeatedly confirmed as the ‘right direction’, not only because it is considered morally and ethically right but because there is an increasing body of evidence that localisation increases impact and improves effectiveness.
This review looks at the current opportunities, challenges and good practice in the relationships between INGOs and local humanitarian actors.
The core argument is that INGOs have to improve their partnership practices with local and national NGOs to better recognize and respond to their leadership, as well as to adapt accordingly their advocacy, media or fundraising work.