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Working at the Start Network is an opportunity and a challenge to change the way we do things in the humanitarian sector. 


The Start Network’s principles set out the behaviours expected from our staff and member organisations as their contribution to the Start Network vision.

We put people first: the communities we serve come first in our decision-making and programming.

We are brave: we have great ambition and are willing to explore new things and are willing to take risks to achieve it.

We operate collectively: we leverage the value of working as a network, sharing risk and resources and learning together.

We are inclusive: we see the value in diverse perspectives and work to remove the barriers that prevent voices from being heard.

We are open: we work transparently and with integrity, building mutual trust in all levels of our work, from governance to programming.


The Start Network is currently hosted by Save the Children UK; as such, we are compliant with Save the Children employment policies and processes. If you wish to work for the Start Network, you must apply through the SCUK website – any links below will re-direct you to the relevant application page.

For any questions relating to our current vacancies, please contact Ekaterina Schubert.


  • Conseiller en financement de risques – ARC Replica - Madagascar

Ce titulaire de poste sera le point focal pour le Réseau Start, en particulier le programme d'assurance sécheresse ARC Replica, à Madagascar. Pour en savoir plus sur ARC Replica, veuillez consulter ce site. Ce programme innovateur d'assurance sécheresse inclue le gouvernement et les ONG, les agences multinationales comme l'Union africaine, les communautés touchées par la sécheresse dans le sud de Madagascar et diverses agences scientifiques nationales (telles que le bureau météorologique national). 

Le titulaire du poste représentera le réseau Start à Madagascar, sera responsable de la coordination entre les membres dans le pays et sera le point focal pour le développement, la signature et la mise en œuvre de la police d'assurance.

Ce poste sera hébergé par une organisation membre de Start Network (à confirmer). Une fois l'hôte déterminé, les candidats seront invités à postuler via le site web de l'organisation. Veuillez indiquer si ce poste vous intéresse en envoyant un mail a Leonie Le Borgne et nous vous redirigerons vers la page de candidature dès qu'elle sera en ligne.

Descriptif de poste..

Climate Risk Adviser – ARC Replica – Madagascar  

This post holder will be the focal point for Start Network, specifically the ARC Replica drought insurance programme in Madagascar. To find out more about ARC Replica please visit this page. 

This innovative drought insurance programme involves government and NGOs, multinational agencies like the African Union, communities affected by drought in the South of Madagascar, and various national scientific agencies (such as the national meteorological office).

The postholder will represent the Start Network in Madagascar, be in charge of coordination between members in country, and be the focal point for the insurance policy development, signing, and implementation. 

This post will be hosted by a Start Network member organisation. Once the host is determined, applicants will be asked to apply via the organisation's website. Please indicate if you are interested in this role by emailing Leonie Le Borgne. This way we can redirect you to the application page as soon as it is live.

Closing date: Not yet set.

Read more on this role here.


The Start Network Board is seeking a new trustee with the ability to dedicate time to manage a network at scale; the energy to play a key role in decision making around Start’s strategic direction; and the diversity and skills to ensure governance excellence. The trustee will be recruited specifically for demonstrated high-level experience in one or more of the following areas: business acumen (experience with early or mid-stage entrepreneurial organisations); network development and engagement; governance; legislation; international politics; digital business approaches. We value diversity in our leadership and are open to individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds–we particularly encourage applicants based in the Global South.

Closing date: 3rd Febuary 2019

For further information on this role or to apply please click here.

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