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Working at the Start Network is an opportunity and a challenge to change the way we do things in the humanitarian sector. 


The Start Network’s principles set out the behaviours expected from our staff and member organisations as their contribution to the Start Network vision.

We put people first: the communities we serve come first in our decision-making and programming.

We are brave: we have great ambition and are willing to explore new things and are willing to take risks to achieve it.

We operate collectively: we leverage the value of working as a network, sharing risk and resources and learning together.

We are inclusive: we see the value in diverse perspectives and work to remove the barriers that prevent voices from being heard.

We are open: we work transparently and with integrity, building mutual trust in all levels of our work, from governance to programming.



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The Start Network is a newly created independent charity as of May 2019. We also work with Save the Children UK, which manages a number of our programmes. Some of our roles adverstised below, may redirect you to the Save the Children website to the relevant application page.


  • National or Regional Communications Support

We are seeking three communications professionals, working for organisations based in countries or regions where Start Network operates, to help us raise the profile of our work in your country or region.

We are seeking to partner with NGOs (local, national or international) and their communications staff to help raise the profile of the Start Network and Start Fund and to engage more people. This is an opportunity for an aid organisation to leverage the expertise of your communications staff, while giving them an opportunity to work on different types of communications, while also being reimbursed for their time. Ideally, one person in your communication team would work with us. Their objectives will be guided by the organisations leading the development of the Hub (if one exists in your country), and the global Start Network communications team. Accountability for the role will be both to the local Start Network leaders (of the hub) and the global Start Network team.

Closing date: Monday 23 September 2019

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The Start Network is looking for an experienced consultant to support the design of a humanitarian preparedness and resilience innovation programme. This programme will be embedded within the local humanitarian system in 3 – 5 countries, working closely with crisis-affected communities and with emerging Start Network hubs. This programme will build on the experience of the DEPP labs programme and incorporate those lessons learned into the new design, as well as into the design of other Start Network activities. The consultant will lead on the design of the programme working closely with the stakeholders from the DEPP labs and with the Start Network Innovation, Network Development and Risk Financing teams. The consultant will also provide recommendations on design principles and approaches which are relevant to the implementation of the organisation’s broader innovation strategy and to other programmes within the network.

Closing date: 9 a.m. (BST) on the 31st August 2019

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  • Start Fund Regional Advisor for Middle East Region

The Start Network is seeking a part-time Regional Advisor for the Middle East Region, with the ability to build networks of contacts and leads, provide training, and promote the Start Fund mechanism at a regional level.

In order to promote the Start Fund as truly global, expanding the existing geographical scope of the fund’s impact, it is important that member agencies who are active in the Middle East region are well-informed and knowledgeable about the fund – with the ability to identify appropriate Alert opportunities, as well as to participate fully and equitably in the 72-hour Start Fund timeline. We are seeking a Regional Advisor specific to the Middle East to not only provide localised and experienced advice to agencies, but also to help promote the localisation agenda more widely.

As a region-specific focal point for the Start Fund, the Middle Eastern Regional Advisor will share learning, provide technical advice, and increase awareness of the Fund, its capabilities, and its processes. This role is a part-time opportunity for a Middle East-based member of staff at a Start Network member or partner agency to utilise their skills and promote knowledge of the Fund at a regional level, with support from a wider team.

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If this opportunity is of interest, please send your CV and a cover letter to by Sunday 1st September.


  • Treasurer

The Start Network is seeking a new Treasurer to join its Board of Trustees, with the ability to dedicate time to manage a newly independent organisation; the energy to play a key role in decision making around the network’s growth and strategic direction; and the diversity and skills to ensure governance excellence.

The Treasurer will be recruited specifically for demonstrated high-level experience in corporate finance, accounting and treasury operations. This is a voluntary role, and the successful candidate will also be expected to Chair the Start Network’s Finance & Audit Committee. We prefer that the Treasurer is based in the United Kingdom.

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Closing date: 12 May 2019

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