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Lessons from Ethiopia and Myanmar on emergency response

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Martin Dawes, External Communication and Advocacy Adviser, CDAC Network, a partner on the Disasters and Emergency Preparedness Programme (DEPP), speaks to people involved in DEPP projects in Ethiopia and Myanmar.

The knowledge and expertise of international aid organisations is not always utilised because they do not have access to decisions makers, or they are viewed as outsiders with particular, stand-alone projects. In Ethiopia a new approach is being piloted through a global programme funded by UK Aid, which is designed to improve emergency response. Listen to the podcast below discussing two projects, Public Health Preparedness in Gambella and Improved Early Warning Early Action in Ethiopia.


Reducing risk to remote, rural populations in Myanmar has become a priority. A project funded by UK aid is seeking to Strengthen Emergency Preparedness for people still affected by the conflict in Myanmar but who are also experiencing regular flooding and other extreme weather events. Yeeshu Shukla explains how community led actions are being built in government areas as well as those in Shan State where armed groups mean few aid agencies.


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