Start Ready

Start Ready is Start Network’s newest financial mechanism which provides funding at scale for predictable crises worldwide. Start Ready uses best practices from the insurance and financial sectors, and the latest advancements in climate science, to protect up to three times as many people as traditional humanitarian funding, against predictable crises.

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What is Start Ready

For the first time, Start Ready allows Start Network members to pool funds and risks across countries, hazards, and regions, to ‘stretch funding’ further than we ever have before, and to protect a larger number of people affected by regular, predictable crises worldwide.


Start Ready sits alongside Start Funds to provide members with a range of funding options. Together, these mechanisms enable members to respond to and anticipate predictable and unpredictable crises, use human-based as well as automated decision making respectively depending on the situation, and protect, support, and assist the greatest number of people possible, with the resources we have at our disposal.



Start Ready Map


Start Ready launched at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) in November 2021 in Glasgow. We have secured funding from 5 donors for this new funding mechanism, and are expecting to go live with the first pool of risks in May 2022. In the first months of 2022, a Start Ready Governance Committee was formed.  


Profiles of the members of this committee can be found here. 


Throughout April 2022, the Governance Committee will be making the key decisions for the first pool of countries, risks, and available funds.


How Start Ready works

Start Ready builds on existing disaster risk financing systems and programmes which Start Network members have been building since 2018. 


1. Before applying for Start Ready coverage, networks of members must have collectively designed and built disaster risk financing systems. Information on how this is done can be found in our building blocks framework.


2. Those networks of members then apply for Start Ready coverage, and the Start Ready Governance Committee allocates the committed Start Ready funding across these applications – in accordance with their principles of balancing financial efficiency and humanitarian needs.


3. Once decisions have been made by the Governance Committee, coverage certificates are issued to each network of members who applied. A report on the financial allocations and structuring is published to the wider memberships and contributing donors.


4. The pool and coverage are live for 12 months from the date the fund goes live. Within this time frame, each country’s risk season (e.g.: flooding, drought, heatwave, cyclone season) will occur and risks will be monitored throughout. If and when a pre-agreed threshold is met, funding is released as quickly and directly as possible to members who hold contingency plans in the regions affected or predicted to be affected.  This happens on an ongoing basis, as risk seasons start and end throughout the 12 months that the pool is live.


5. At the end of the pool, feedback is gathered, lessons are learned, and adaptations are made to Start Ready as needed in advance of the next risk pool. We expect the next risk pool to go live in the first half of 2023.


A Start Ready Handbook will be published in May 2023, which will have more details about the process.

Start Ready Cycle

How to get involved

If you would like to know more about Start Ready, contact us.


If you are a member, and would like to start building a disaster risk financing system in your context, please email


This is the first time Start Network, and the humanitarian sector is setting up and using such a system – at this scale, whilst trying to maintain key localisation aims. Start Ready is an innovation that we can and should adapt as we build and grow it. If you have feedback or want to suggest changes to how it is run and managed, please contact us – we are always open to hearing members’ and partners’ points of view.


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